GoTape: Newly Launched Kinesiology Tape

My weekly workout schedule definitely embodies a cross-training regime. However sometimes I find myself doing more high impact classes (especially when I am busy teaching/training) which can be rough on my knees. The newly launched kinesiology tape from GoTape is perfect for when I am looking for additional knee support. 

So what is kinesiology tape you might be asking yourself? According to Physio Works:

Kinesiology tape is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive. Therapeutic kinesiology tape that can benefit a wide variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, plus inflammatory conditions.

Some of GoTape product highlights include:

  • Created with an advance body adhesive through a special aging process that makes the adhesive more stable for multi-day wear without a breakdown in support
  • Strong, yet gentle on the skin
  • Waterproof
  • Available in cut and uncut formats, and multiple colors to allow for customization
  • Superior comfort that allows for full range of motion

There are a number of kinesiology tapes out on the market however GoTape offers quality affordability. "GoTape has the best adhesive with the most comfortable fabric. When someone decides what kinesiology tape they want to use they should keep two key things in mind.  1. Will the tape stick long enough for me to reap the full benefit? 2. Does the tape feel comfortable on my skin.  If the tape is not sticking or is causing discomfort or irritation to the skin then it will not be able to do its full duty." says GoTape

Not sure if you should be using kinesiology tape or when to use it? GoTape explains in more detail below!

NMF: How does someone know if they should be using kinesiology tape?
GT: If you finish your run with aching knees, constantly end your workout with tight shoulders or  just wake up in the morning with chores to do but foot pain is slowing you down, then you should be using kinesiology tape.  Kinesiology tape is the only internationally used sports medicine tool that continues to provide benefit for days after its application.  There are many uses for kinesiology tape but if one of the above reasons sounds familiar to you, give GoTape a try.

NMF: What are the benefits of using kinesiology tape?
GT: The two most noteworthy benefits of using kinesiology tape are 1. Support and 2. Lymphatic drainage (ie: pain relief).  While support is some what self explanatory, Lymphatic drainage is referring to the ability of the tape to lift up on the skin to help alleviate swelling and decrease pain.  Take a look around at the gym where you workout, the next marathon you watch or even around your office space at work. You will see numerous people wearing braces to help support ankles, knees, wrists, low back etc. Using GoTape is a great way of providing customized support to your joints and muscles that will stay with you for days.  Bumps/Bruises, no problem! Using GoTape specifically in our lymphatic drainage pattern can help lift the skin creating a vacuum for the swelling and injured tissue to escape and therefore be cleaned and re filtered by the body to help expedite the healing process.  

For more information visit GoTape online at

  •  (Uncut) $13.99
  •  (Precut) $14.99

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