Guess Which Major Retailer Introduced Size 000

So I read the other day that J. Crew stores will be introducing the size 000, are you as shocked as I am? Granted this size might be needed for a small portion of ladies but how will this translate to the rest of the female population? With average the American female size being a size 14 how will other customers respond to the introduction of this size? In all fairness the store goes up to a size 16 but seeing a triple 000 in the racks can wreck the psyche of a female customer that wants to drop a size or two.  

A spokeswoman from J. Crew responded to the new sizing by saying:

"We are simply addressing the demand coming from Asia for smaller sizes than what we had carried. Our sizes typically run big and the Asia market tends to run small," the spokeswoman said. "To further put into perspective, these sizes add up to the smallest possible percentage of our overall sizing assortment."

"Also to note, J.Crew's sizes run across the board to try and accommodate as many customers as possible… We run up to size 16, we carry petites and talls, and our shoe sizes run from 5-12. [It's] all based on customer demand," she said.

I think it's important to remember that we aren't all made the same. Some women naturally have a small frame and will be small for all their lives.  Speaking from experience shopping with my girlfriends was grueling growing up because I was so tall I always needed a bigger size but in my mind that translated to being overweight!  Below are some Train Your Mind and Body shopping tips next time you are being a bit too hard on yourself. 

  • Remember we are all shaped differently, it's called genetics. This is not excuse to over eat by the way! 
  • Size ain't nothing but a number! You could be small on top and bigger on the bottom, that doesn't mean you are overweight. 
  • Don't forget your health and fitness accomplishments.
  • Only you know if you are leading a healthy lifestyle so be true to yourself and stay active. 

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