Guest Blog Post: A Gluten Free Kind Type Of Life

When one of my friends recently told me she could no longer eat gluten, my eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

A life without gluten?! I immediately began to panic as I thought about how depressing and pointless my life would be without pasta, bread and bagels. I felt so much pain for her, I could hardly even describe it without a few tears running down my face.

Nowadays, people choose to live a life without gluten. They end up living perfectly happy (somehow) and healthy lives.

This hip health trend had me taking a slow second look. Perhaps a life without beautiful gluten, could still be beautiful.

More people than ever are buying, cooking and eating gluten-free foods — not that they all require the diet. Gluten-free living appeals to about 30 percent of adult Americans, but it still misunderstood by just about everyone.

About 1 in 133 people — about .75 percent — have celiac disease, an inherited autoimmune disease that causes damage to the small intestine when gluten is ingested. Some people just feel better, lighter and healthier without ingesting gluten.

If you’re thinking of making the change, here are some things to consider.

1. If you think you have celiac disease, talk to your doctor first. ASAP. 

2. Get ready for Judgement Day. People are going to judge you (like I did) as soon as you say you don’t eat gluten, especially by choice.

3. Say hello to (some) grains. Not all grains are the same. Enjoy amaranth, millet, buckwheat and quinoa.

4. You may not lose any weight. Just like any diet, you may not be too successful in losing weight. One day at a time!

5. Gluten is sneaky. Read every little label! Gluten is often hiding in dressings or veggie burgers.

6. Your favorite restaurants still rock. The rest of the world knows that gluten-free is here to stay! Keep enjoying your favorite restaurants with new gluten-free meals.

Have you taken the plunge? What had the gluten-free life been like for you?



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