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This September I started my first real job as a graduate of the proud, and slightly obnoxious selfie-loving Class of 2014. I learned quickly to always wear heels to meetings (and pack flats for the NYC Subway), check my email constantly and the power of a good lunch. A good lunch can make any terrible, embarrassing, almost-got-the-boot work day instantly better. 

When my alarm clock so kindly greets me every morning at 7 a.m., and I begin to get ready to be a Wonder Woman at work, I think of all the wonderful things I have to look forward to. No matter what is on my list of positive thoughts, lunch is always at the top. The key to making your lunch so fantastic that it motivates you even at 7 a.m. on a Monday morning, is that it must be home made. That my lunch mates, is a Bridgit’s Lunch Box commandment. It’s as essential as doing 60 squats a day so you can one day grace the cover of Paper Magazine sans Kim Kardashian.

Here is how to start packing lunches that are healthy, easy and will make your whole office jealous (but no too jealous, not everyone loves a Martha Stewart).

1.       Plan Ahead. On my Sunday nights, I am committed to preparing lunches that will last me all week. Since fall is fading rapidly into winter, I am obsessed with soups that are packed with veggies. My favorite recipe calls for V8 juice, a can of condensed mushroom soup, two bags of frozen veggies and ground turkey. It’s so good that my boss, Brittney Levine, leans over her computer just to get a whiff!

2.       Pack Cuteness. Packing a lunch does not mean you’re geeky (but it does mean you’re broke) so make your lunch bag cute! There are so many bags and boxes that will make your lunch something to look forward to – even if there’s nothing too delicious in there! It will also keep your food delightfully fresh! Bringing your lunch to work has a reputation of not being hip, but honestly, it is the hippest and smartest thing to do. More food, more money, more shoes.

3.       Snacks Count. Why just pack a lunch, when you can also include yummy treats to keep you fierce all day at work?! It’s like only bringing Matt Damon to a party, you gotta have Ben Affleck there too. I like to pack carrots and hummus since it keeps me more alert when BHL Productions gets slammed with urgent deadlines. I also seriously recommend high tea – a cup of green tea will leave you feeling quite queenly.

4.       Strive for Five. As a Rochester local, the hometown of Wegmans, basically the Beyonce of food markets, it has been ingrained in me to strive for five in every area of my life. Strive to lose five pounds. Strive to do five more sit-ups. Strive for five stars in class. Strive for five! Therefore, I bring my lunch equipped with five costars. One entrée (the headliner of the Lunch Box Tour), two sides (fruit and vegetable/salad), one dessert and one (or three) snacks. Every good group has five members, like the Backstreet Boys.

5.       Sharing is Caring. Since your lunch is going to be simply divine after joining the Bridgit’s Lunch Box crew, make sure to give your envious colleagues a bite or two. However, they don’t have to sit with us… yet.

About Bridgit Kasperski

When not eating lunch, Bridgit Kasperski is growing her public relations career in NYC! Currently the Account Coordinator for BHL Productions, a start-up company that specializes in fashion/beauty public relations and television. Bridgit has also worked for Janine Just Inc. PR agency, Google and SUNY Plattsburgh. She loves to travel, reads way too many magazines, is a blossoming foodie and believes that public relations and the way we communicate can bring about positive social changes. Check her out here,

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