GYMTOTE: For Fashion-Conscious Fitness Lover

A good friend of mine tweeted her latest fitness/fashion discovery, with a simple retweet I was introduced to one of the best gym bags I have ever tested out. GymTote is a British owned and operated company marrying fitness and fashion with style. Founder, Helena Searcaigh is extremely dedicated to fitness and always struggled with finding the perfect gym bag. Helena joined forces with Nicola Kearney, the designer and the GymTote was created!

The GymTote addresses the gym bag issues we have all faced! 

  • Carrying two bags to the gym?
  • Ugly gym bag ruining your look?
  • Stuffing all your kit into a smart tote only for a sports bra to fall out in a meeting?

Continue reading my interview below with Helena to learn more about the bags why I can't put mine down!

NMF: The GymTote has such a clean and fashionable design, how would you describe your typical customer?

GymTote: Our typical customers are fashion-conscious gym-goers / fitness fanatics who work out before or after work and who don't want to compromise their look with an ugly sports bag. Most women also hate carrying two bags to the gym or stuffing all their kit into a tote only for a sweaty sports bra to fall out in a business meeting! 

NMF: How does your gym bag differ from other brands?

GymTote: GymTote looks like a handbag but performs like a gym bag - our trademark compartmentalized design is unique to the market. No other gym bag out there offers our mix of serious fashion with sports bag functionality.  All of our styles have separate breathable and wipeable areas for trainers and kit, a hidden water bottle holder (upright and lined with water resistant material to prevent spills into the bag), and a super easy access top section for all your handbag essentials. The beauty of a GymTote is that no one knows you're carrying a gym bag and that no one will see your kit when you reach for your purse! 

NMF: Your messaging on your social feed and website is so positive, do you hope to empower customers to live a healthier lifestyle?

GymTote: Definitely - and also to just life a happier and more positive  lifestyle. We believe that healthy does not need to be a compromise! For us, healthy living also means a better mind. 

This bag holds more things than just workout gear! 

This bag holds more things than just workout gear! 

NMF: Which one of your bags is your best seller?  Why do you think this bag is popular?  

GymTote: We sell out of all our styles consistently! I would say our Sophia and Reese totes are perhaps are most popular and we're launching an update on this styles to land in Spring! We're also working on securing more retail accounts in the US to make it even easier for our US customers to buy from us. I think that the Sophia tote is super popular due to her über- classic styling - she's the ultimate bag to take you from the boardroom to Bikram in style! She also features a hidden yoga mat holder at the bottom which is unique to this style. 

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