Happy 4th of July! Tips to Enjoy the Holiday While Staying on Track

I hope you have been enjoying the 4th of July holiday without forsaking your health and fitness goals too much.  Below are few simple tips to keep you on track without feeling like you are missing all the fun!  

Workout early: If you haven't already, make sure to squeeze in your workout first thing in the morning.  It's likely on busy days like today you will end up skipping your workout  if put it off for later in the day. Just think once it's done you can enjoy your local parade and family outings guilt free! 

NMFIT Red, white and blue workout!

NMFIT Red, white and blue workout!


Beach Party: If you are hitting the beach you want to make sure to stay hydrated! By drinking lots of water in the hot sun you will avoid heat exhaustion and stay full at the same time.  It’s easy to fall off track when there is a lot of temptation. Make smart choices with simple swaps like avoiding sodium packed snacks and reaching for a fruit salad instead! 

Holiday Barbecues: These events can last hours and depending on how early you show up you are looking at a full day of drinking and eating.  With a few simple lifestyle swaps you can enjoy the entire day without the remorse. Tricks like low calorie beers to sugar free cocktail mixers are just few easy ways to tackle barbecues this summer. Love a good burger?  Ditch the bun and have a lettuce burger instead, you still get to indulge in the delicious holiday inspired dishes with a few healthy tweaks.  

Most importantly exercise proportion control and have fun!  Remember tomorrow is a new day so if you happen to fall off track try not to beat yourself up about it too much!  

Happy 4th of July! 

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