Keep Your Gym Bag Happy, Healthy and Odor Free!

If you are anything like me, you find yourself doing laundry on a regular basis in order to keep your gym apparel smelling clean. Unfortunately, I have said good-bye to several gym bags because I could never find the right product to eliminate that post workout funk! Fresh Wave is an excellent natural alternative when seeking ways to freshen gym apparel and your home without all the chemicals! 

They have several products that can be implemented into all parts of your life.  The spray I have used around my home, the gel is in my car and the packs are a gym bag saviour! Below you will find more details on each of the Fresh Wave products. 

  • Spray -  The spray can be used on clothing, pet bedding, backpacks, sports gear, shoes and trash cans. Just shake and spray! For stronger odors, a few more spritzes will do the trick. When you smell "fresh air,” it’s working. Really. It’s that easy. (Hint: For special materials, like silk, try a little test to avoid water spotting.)
  • Gel - Have a whole room that stinks? The Gel is a perfect solution! Just open the lid and remove the seal. Replace slotted lid and place gel where odors are strongest. Lasts for about 60 days! (Hint: The gel will disappear as it evaporates.)
  • Packs - Fresh Wave packs are great for car interiors, gym bags, shoes, closets, bagless vacuums, trash cans and that oh-so-powerful diaper pail—just to name a few. Toss them in and toss those odors out. And when you only need one or two packs to do the job, just reseal the bag to keep the other packs smelling fresh-tastic. Boom! Future odor problem solved.

I asked the team at Fresh Wave what makes their product different from similar products on the market?

"While we freshen the air, our products go way beyond being an air freshener. Our products remove the odor at its source—on the molecular level—no covering up with harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or alcohol and our products are 100% Phthalate free. In fact, you could say we are the healthy alternative to air fresheners. At Fresh Wave, not only do our products remove odors using natural ingredients, they are also safe for people, pets and the planet."

Fresh Wave can be found online and at Target!

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