Have the Mindset of an Athlete

The United States Women’s Soccer League is still basking in the glow of their second consecutive World Cup title. Sparking unity and recognition across the nation for the strength of a female athlete! Below I reveal how to be strong like a soccer player whether or not you play soccer! I stopped by ABC New Haven to share these tips last week, to watch the full segment click here!

The mindset of a champion: From mantras to daily rituals, it’s important to get your mindset in gear when training.  Here are my top four mindset qualities that will be explained.

  • Being Persistent: When the odds are stacked against you having a positive mind frame is so key!

  • Positivity: It’s hard to be positive all the time but it’s important to make the best of a bad situation. There is always a lesson that can be learned.  

  • Having No Regrets: No regrets ever! Regret can lead to self destruction preventing you from achieving your goals.

  • Vulnerability: This means being able to admit failure! Failing is part of the process to the ability to admit this and share this with others is powerful.

Gratitude leads to results: Simple daily practices can help improve your performance and help you reach your highest potential. By writing down what you are thankful for and/or demonstrating a kind deed can really transform you as a person and as an athlete.

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