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It's that time of year again, football season!  Although I wouldn't consider myself a huge football fan I do enjoy attending the games and watching them with friends.  One problem that I often face when I am not hosting my own tailgate/football party is the lack of healthy snacking options.  Websites like has a number of different options that will have your guests happy they skipped the chicken wings and cheese fries!

Below you will find a few of my suggestions infused with yummy finds from!

I am not a huge fan of beef jerky but I have been told it's a sports lovers staple. Below I have whipped up a recipe that will even have the "anti-health" sports fan begging for more. 

NMFIT Beef Jerky Mix 

Single serving, multiple the quantity depending on the number of guests. 

  • Handful of raw roasted almonds (unsalted), optional: swap the almonds for dark chocolate covered almonds. 
  • Sprinkle Black Pepper Beef Jerky (80 calories per 28g/1 oz.)  into either a small bowl or zip lock bag. Other options include Hickory Beef Jerky, Death by Jerky, Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky and Western Style Beef Jerky.
  • Note: Jerky tends to contain a considerable amount of sodium include a modest amount to avoid over doing it!
  • If you opt for raw roasted almonds you can add a sweet flavor by incorporating raisins or craisins. 

More Healthy Football Snacking Tips from NMFIT

  • For more information on healthy tailgating food options watch my video by clicking here
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Need more snack inspiration?  Visit the blog or Healthy Snacks page for several options that are delicious and healthy. 

Have a snack idea or recipe?  Share it in the comments below!


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