Herbalife Nutrition Recognized For Its Commitment To Social Responsibility

Herbalife Nutrition produces and sells their nutritional supplements, weight management products, and a full line of sports nutrition products. They also market a line of personal care products. Since the company's founding in 1980, they have followed the path to help bring customers more opportunity for health and happiness. The company operates globally out of its California headquarters.

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They were recently named for the third consecutive year as a corporate partner for the 2018 Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development. The company stands strong in its ongoing support of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The two day event was held at the Marina Bay Sands. The Forum was held in the Singapore venue on October 11th and 12th. The firm's Head of Government Affairs, Mr. Tod Gimbel, was a participant on two of the panels.

The company has also taken steps to partner with health related organizations in Asia and elsewhere. The goal is to help boost the public's awareness of the importance of nutrition, health and lifestyle choices. The Herbalife Nutrition brand of high quality health products and programs are sold exclusively through tens of thousands of independent distributors throughout the world. The company addresses the problems of poor nutrition and obesity with its innovative, scientifically proven products and solutions. With widespread concerns including the aging population and the growing issue of costly healthcare, they target a customer base that includes people of all ages. They have been offering the business to industrious entrepreneurs across the globe for nearly 40 years.

The company also offers an abundance of information on nutritional guidance and education. They produce many of their products on their own premises. They display their corporate responsibility through their efforts focussed on, among other things, the nutritional needs of underprivileged children. The organization sponsors 190 athletes, sports teams, and a variety of events every year. Additionally, they are proud to support many of the Olympic teams.

There are also nearly 90,000 Nutrition Cłubs that help its members and serves as a social network for training. The distributors are trained on the benefits and features of the company's offerings. They help in spreading the word as they market the products directly to the consumer. The company is publicly traded, and they employ approximately 8,300 individuals worldwide. Shares of the company are traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and they reported net sales volume of approximately $4.4 billion last year.

Herbalife offers a full range of healthful consumable products. These include their protein bars, shakes, teas, vitamins, sport-related hydration, and energy drinks. One of their long time best sellers is the Formula 1 protein shake in a variety of flavors. The soy based shake is popular with the customers, and it is marketed as a meal replacement drink. The personal care line includes hypo-allergenic products for the skin, hair, and nails.

Herbalife Nutrition has won awards and achievements over the years. They were awarded the 2015 Choice of the Year. The Formula 1 meal replacement won Product of the Year the previous year. They have also been recognized as a company for their dedication and unending commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, and more.

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