Snacking Just Got Better! i won! Protein Chips

i won! protein chips were introduced last month and making noise as the first great tasting, all-natural, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO protein chips! I liked having a protein option that was not a shake or protein bar. i won! nutrition’s protein chips pack 20 grams of protein in every bag with the aim of filling a void in the snack food marketplace, offering something that tastes great and is good for you at the same time. 

“I’m confident when I say i won! protein chips are the greatest tasting, high protein, all natural, organic and non-GMO protein chips on the market,” said Mark Samuel, CEO and founder at i won! nutrition. “We know there is no protein chip on the market that offers the same level of protein per serving and tastes as good. Period. Our protein chips are the first snack product of a future line of all-natural protein snack products that we’ll be releasing. We’re changing the game and impacting lives while doing it. I’m serious about giving back to the youth in our local communities, as I’ve done with the Fitmark brand since its inception. We’re fueling families, literally and figuratively, with our healthy snacks and we can’t wait to see where it takes us!” 

The CEO and founder of i won! nutrition, also the CEO and founder of Fitmark, Mark Samuel, wanted to create a healthy on the go option that actually taste good! His mission was clear: to create exactly what he wanted in a high-protein snack using the best, non-GMO and organic ingredients. 

The single serving bags, each contain 20 grams of protein, which is often the recommended protein serving per meal for a high protein diet. These chips are a great alternative for people looking to get protein in their diet in a different way. 

i won! protein chips are available in a variety of flavors including: 

  • Cinnamon French Toast
  • Sriracha
  • Sea Salt
  • BBQ
  • Ranch

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