How Ashley Gold from HARDCORE PAWN Lost 50 Lbs.

You may be familiar with Ashley Gold due to the popularity of her reality series HARDCORE PAWN on truTv.  While running a successful Detroit area pawn shop with her father, Les Gold, and her brother Seth Gold she found the time to focus on the most important thing, herself! Between the colorful customers, the unpredictable employees and family drama Ashley was able to create a healthier well-being and now proudly flaunting her amazing results!  Continue reading to learn more about Ashley's weight loss journey, truly inspiring!

NMF: How has your life changed since dropping 50lbs.?

Ashley Gold (AG): Losing 50lbs. has been a complete 180 for me. I feel better, have more energy, and am a better role model for my kids.  There came a point where I simply had enough. I was not living my best life, and in that moment I changed my approach to food and exercise.  And I never looked back.

Ashley Gold before her weight loss.

Ashley Gold before her weight loss.

NMF: In what ways were you able to train your mind and body in order to keep the weight off?

AG: I decided two things: 

  1. I would change my eating and exercise habits for good. 
  2. Quitting was not an option. The mind is a powerful weapon if you let it do its thing.

NMF: What new things have you discovered now that you are leading a healthier lifestyle?

AG: I discovered that I could get up earlier, stay up later, eat less food and have more energy than ever before.  Energy level, body composition, happiness, and health are all choices.  I was dissatisfied with each of these areas, and I did something about it.  It also was the fuel I needed to launch my own jewelry site, It’s the go-to source for the latest in jewelry fashion and accessories and has been a huge hit with anyone looking to step up their look!

Ashley Gold after her weight loss!

Ashley Gold after her weight loss!

NMF: What are a few of your favorite workouts either in the gym or at home? 

AG: I spend my workouts running, spinning and lifting. For me, it’s about being very active and burning calories. So as long as I’m moving and pushing myself, I’m getting ahead.

NMF: Have you ever come across a few fitness finds while filming HARDCORE PAWN?  

AG: While filming, I’ve witnessed some of the most incredible, high-end equipment. Woodway treadmills, Hypoxi Trainers – you name it, I’ve seen it.  I’ve also uncovered the biggest gimmicks, products that claim to vibrate your fat away to chairs that use sound waves to “tell your fat to run and hide.” 

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