How I Trained My Palate

The other day I realized that the only thing I have in the house to drink is water and seltzer. There was a time that I would drink Snapple Ice Tea, apple juice or fruit juice with every meal (wow...the sugar!).  Looking back on it I am floored that I did this every night!  

You will be surprised how much a difference small changes can make in your lifestyle. This is what started my fitness journey, self educating myself to slowly mold a healthier lifestyle by making smarter diet choices at home, while food shopping or when I was out with friends. 

Below are a few tweaks I made over time to help me re-train my palate for the better. 

  • Diluted fruit juice with water limiting myself to only one per day and increasing my intake of water. Over time I got rid of fruit juice and sugary drinks all together.
  • I stopped adding sugar to my coffee.
  • Substituted salt with tons of flavor spices to cut down on my sodium in take. 
  • Added Seltzer water to my diet instead of diet soda. 
  • Nixed sugary cocktails for simple low-calorie options at the bar.  
  • Cut down on drinking all together (overtime).
  • Removed white rice from my diet!
  • Switched from sweetened ice tea to regular ice tea (no sugar added) with lemon.

There so many things I do now that have become second nature and clearly not a quick fix but a way of life!


Training minds, changing bodies!

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