How Our Lifestyle Habits Affect Our Skin


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From pesky breakouts to early signs of aging, there’s more that’s affecting our skin than just genetics. Our daily lifestyle habits and the foods we are consuming all affect our skin in different ways. Below are some habits that could be leading to your skin troubles!

Not Wearing Sunscreen

We all have been told how important sunscreen is to protect our skin, but do you know why it’s so important. When we go out in the sun, even for a few minutes, we’re exposing ourselves to harmful UV rays that dry out our skin. Although we may think that the sun helps keep our skin clear and make it look healthy, it’s actually making our breakouts worse, while expediting our aging process. The sun dries out our skin and to compensate, our skin produces extra oil, which then leads to future breakouts. Sun exposure can also damage skin cells causing deeper wrinkles and sunspots.

Fix: Use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen with at least 30 SPF and try to incorporate makeup products that also includes SPF. Whenever going outside, even in colder climates, be sure to apply sunscreen on all exposed skin.

Using Harsh or Abrasive Products on Your Skin

If our skin is already acne-prone or we’re trying to take care of a frustrating pimple, the only thing we want is to get rid of the breakout fast. However, using products that over-exfoliate our skin or using acne treatments incorrectly can actually lead to future breakouts -- even make current ones worse. If a product is too abrasive, it can damage and irritate your skin.

Fix: Use products with chemical exfoliants, rather than physical exfoliants. Products that contain AHA and BHA will benefit your skin more than a harsh scrub that inflames current breakouts. Additionally, you don’t want to overuse acne medication as it can make your skin red and peel. Use a thin layer of acne medication on your skin once or twice a day to prevent breakouts overall.


Not Washing Your Face When Exercising

When we go to the gym we build heat, sweat, and release toxins from our pores. However, if you go to workout wearing makeup you’re actually going to clog your pores. Just as important, not washing your body after the gym can lead to skin troubles as well. When we sweat, bacteria sits on our skin and can lead to breakouts and rashes.

Fix: Before exercising, be sure to thoroughly remove your makeup and cleanse your face. If you tend to exercise after work, keep a package of makeup wipes in your gym bag so that you never have an excuse to not wash your makeup off. When you’re done working out, make sure to immediately shower and wash your face. Don’t allow yourself to sit around for dinner or run errands, as this will let the bacteria from your sweat penetrate into your skin longer.

Eating a Diet High in Sodium

When we eat a lot of salty foods, our body retains extra water. As a result, this can cause puffiness as well as dark under-eye bags, or worsen existing ones. Additionally, it can lead to high blood pressure which negatively affects our collagen production, which can lead to early signs of aging.

Fix: Pay attention to the food and drink items you consume. Even if a product is labeled “healthy,” it could actually contain high amounts of sodium. Drink plenty of water to flush out the salt and find swaps for your salty food cravings.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

If we overindulge on alcohol, our skin can become dehydrated as a result. It can become dry, flaky, and look dull overall. Additionally, it deprives your skin of vital nutrients and vitamins. If you drink too much one weekend, you may only notice your skin looking dry, but if you continue to drink a lot of alcohol over an extended period of time, it can actually lead to premature aging of the skin.

Fix: The easiest and most obvious fix for this is to limit the amount you drink. When you do go out, be sure to drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages. It will not only help keep your skin hydrated but also decrease the likelihood of a hangover.

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