How to Best Use an Exercise Bike

Outdoor exercise isn’t always possible on a bike. This is mostly the case when it rains, and you simply don’t have the ability to ride a bike in the rain. In most other situations it’s a fantastic choice since you’re going to be riding your bike through nature and you’ll get a lot of fresh air. However, if you don’t have time to ride a bike outdoors, an indoor exercise bike is the best alternative. It’s easy to access, you don’t have to dress for an outdoor biking session, and everything you need is within your reach. It’s best to have a combination of an indoor and outdoor bike so that you can maximize the efficiency of your workouts. We’re here to help you even further! Here’s how you can optimize your workouts and best use an exercise bike.

Adjust The Seat Correctly

Some people never take the time to adjust their seats accordingly and after some time working out on a seat that isn’t adjusted well; their spines start to have issues. This is similar to the problem of not being seated properly while you’re at the computer. It’s especially bad if you work out incorrectly. Before you start an exercise on an indoor cycling bike, adjust the seat, so you’re comfortable. If anything starts to hurt that usually shouldn’t, you might want to re-check the seat’s position. Once everything is set-up correctly, you’re ready to start pedaling!

Adjust The Pedal Straps So Your Feet Can Breathe

One of the biggest mistakes people make while using an indoor bike is that they tighten the pedal straps too hard. This creates a lot of pressure on your feet and can cause pain and various other medical issues. It's best if you adjust the pedal straps tight but not too tight. Imagine riding an outdoor bike – your feet move freely, but they’re also pushing the pedals. Try to achieve the same with an indoor bike. Tighten the straps just enough so your feet don’t fall off and you maximize the efficiency but don’t forget to let them breathe.

If You Can, Adjust The Handlebars

The handlebars are just as important as other parts of the bike. Badly adjusted handlebars won’t do you any good, and your hands will probably start hurting after a while. Let’s cut this one short: Adjust every and any part that you can so it feels comfortable working out! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and nice while working out and badly adjusted parts will do just the opposite.

Mind The Posture

If you ever go to a gym and start working out all by yourself without any instructor’s help, there is a high chance that your posture is all wrong and you aren’t gaining anything from what you’re doing. The same applies here. Your posture is highly critical, and if you aren’t sitting and exercising properly, you’ll cause more harm than good. If you aren’t sure how to ride an indoor bike, then check out some online tutorials.

Pedal Using Your Entire Feet, Not Just Your Toes

It might be tempting to only use your toes for pedaling but, in truth, it’s much less effective. Push your entire feet down on the pedals, and you’ll see that it’s much better and more efficient than by using only your toes. On another note, your toes might get too tired from constant pedaling, and they might start hurting, which is another reason to use your entire feet.

Guest Blog Post: Jennifer O'Neal

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