How To Help A Friend Get Into Fitness

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Are you ‘fit friend’ in your group? If one of your friends has been making noises about joining you at the gym but hasn’t acted on it yet, you can gently encourage them and help them to get into health and fitness. If you want to do this, there are a few easy ways to help them along.


Help Them Set Goals

Sit down with them over a coffee and chat about why they’re thinking about joining your fitness journey. What are they hoping to get out of it? Are they aiming to improve their flexibility or their overall fitness? Do they want to lose weight? Do they want to build strength? Knowing what they want to achieve will help you to suggest what they can do, and will them start with focus. 


Share how you set your own goals, and let them know what you’re working towards so they know that you’re working on improving too. If they’re not sure what they want, help to break down some ideas for goals, and then to split those goals into smaller targets to celebrate along the way. 

Show Them Where To Start

Invite them to join you at your favorite exercise class or on your morning run. Introduce them to a personal trainer you like at your gym who can show them how to use the machines safely. Share your suggestions for your favorite trainers or other workout gear. 

If your friend has shown an interest in the food you eat to fuel your workouts, why not make them a little recipe book of some of your favorites. Set up PDFs (learn how to edit a PDF here) and print them out as a booklet, or email them as an ebook. 

Motivate Them

Getting started on a fitness journey can be intimidating. If you can see they’re struggling, try and find ways to gently motivate and encourage them. Acknowledge the effort they’re putting in and compliment the progress they’re making. It can be hard to see the changes in yourself, so if you know notice they look slimmer, more toned or stronger, tell them. Congratulate them on hitting targets like lifting more weight or managing more reps. 

Offer to be their workout partner. Having a buddy to exercise with can help motivation and accountability. Working out with you could encourage them to push a little harder and work out a little longer too. 

Listen to their concerns about exercise. Are they worried they’re not progressing fast enough? Are they struggling to get into a class you love? Be a good listening ear before you offer advice. 

Try and keep working out together fun. If you’re further into your fitness journey than they are, being competitive isn’t fair. Instead, try and keep things light. Acknowledge each other’s progress and little wins, and be supportive. Find fun ways to work out together, like going cycling at the weekend or trying out new classes like aerial yoga, dancing or pole fitness. Take on new challenges together so you’re both on even footing. 

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