How to score wholesale deals on healthy snacks!

One of my number one tips for staying on track is always having healthy options at your finger tips. Whether it's your kitchen or your gym bag, being armed with healthy options at all times will help you to avoid making poor decisions when get hungry.  

It is true that healthy foods can cost a pretty penny but that does not mean you can't find affordable options.  Sites like is an excellent example of an online shop that can offer pocket friendly prices without sacrificing the quality!  

Being healthy for means trying to make smarter decisions all around that also include things for my home and my beauty regime. Below are a few healthy options I was able to stock up  on with my recent shopping  spree. 


Since becoming a Lucky Vitamin ambassador I have been introduced to so many products that can help create and maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family! 

Healthy Snacks

These are snacks are must have, I like to throw pumpkin seeds in my salads or oatmeal.  The dark chocolate covered almonds are ideal for when I have a sweet tooth craving. 

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