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I can speak from experience that when I am not wearing the right sneakers for my workout I can definitely feel the difference and it also changes the benefits of my workout as well. When I met with the Walking Company/ABEO team earlier this spring I was impressed with their efforts to get people wearing the right size shoe! Did you know the wrong shoe size can have drastic consequences on your joints and back? Continue reading my interview below to learn more about their Lightweight Technology and how you can start selecting the right footwear. 

NMF: On average how many of your customers are wearing the wrong size/type of shoe when you initially meet with them?

There is a two part answer to this one.

  • On average, approximately 50% of the customers are wearing the wrong size/type of shoe when we initially meet with them. (IN-STORE).  This is because there are a number of ABEO wearers that LOVE ABEO and purchase multiple pairs over the course of a year. We are slowly improving that statistic one pair at a time.
  • However, the better statistic is that 88% of all women (85% both genders) wear the wrong shoes/or shoe size. This is the population as a whole, not just people that we meet with.  85% both genders) wear the wrong shoes/or shoe size. 

NMF: How does the Smartsystem help with clients that are either experiencing knee pain or are above their ideal body weight?

Developed and tested at Stanford University, SMARTsystem’s patent pending midsole is designed to reduce knee stress, knee pain, the progression of osteoarthritis, and may prevent its onset. The unique midsole shifts foot slightly inward and away from inflamed cartilage, reducing pain.

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NMF: Would you suggest the 3D digital foot analysis to all customers? 

Yes, I would recommend ABEO digital foot analysis to all customers. The foot is a complex structure and this helps to determine foot and arch type, and finally the best pair of footwear for certain foot types for optimal movement and comfort.

NMF: With the weather warming up what should consumers be looking for when selecting the perfect pair of sneakers for walking or outdoor runs?

Especially during warmer weather, breathable mesh uppers will help keep feet cool and dry. Adjustability options such as lace-up closures or hook and loop straps are essential to provide an optimal fit. A lightweight construction with a durable rubber outsole will keep you moving in maximum comfort.

NMF: Can you tell me more about your Lightweight Technology? 

  • LiTe lightweight technology is infused into athleisure designs for everyday wear.
  • Provides the ultimate freedom of motion.
  • Offers ultra-lightweight and flexible comfort.
  • Features flex-fit mesh uppers, EVA LiTe foam-cushioned insoles and strategically placed flex zones and grooves for a smooth transition from heel to forefoot, mimicking a natural barefoot stride.

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