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I always think my gym bag is packed with everything I need however I seem to always be missing something.  When I was recently introduced to PINCHme a box delivery service, I was thrilled with the amount of products that I received that just so happened to be perfect for my gym bag.  Below you will find a few of my suggestions that will keep your gym bag full stocked with everything you may not have thought of before! 

PUMA gym bag

PUMA gym bag

Make sure to have a snack like LUNA bars handy and hydrating options like Vita Coco. This is so important especially when you are constantly on the go! 

Inside my PINCHme box I found items perfect for hitting the gym and after my workout too! From bandaids (pesky workout shoe blisters) to Tom's all natural deodorant you can head to the gym feeling fulling prepared for your workout. 

A few  PINCHme  goodies!

A few PINCHme goodies!

Handling weights can a do a number on your hands especially if you are not into wearing gloves. I was introduced to Hand Chemistry by DECIEM and with the first use I felt a difference in the texture of my hands.  Definitely worth tossing into your gym bag for a little post workout pampering. 

Well-Kept are screen cleansing towelettes that are stylish and easy to carry around. They are perfect for wiping down all your workout gadgets including your phone.  I am obsessed!  


Keeping your hands clean is just as important as keeping your gym equipment clean. Frais hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and small enough for your purse, gym bag or even the pocket of your workout pants!

Who wants to lug around full-sized product to the gym?  Travel size options are not just for your vacations.  Key West Aloe are skincare products that contain 100% Lab Certified Aloe Vera and offer amazing options when it comes to travel size product.  The line features an Oatmeal Face Scrub, Aloe Toner, Cucumber Under Eye Gel,  Eye Moist and Day Moist & Night Moist creams. What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body! 

Disclaimer: Nadia Murdock Fit received product for this review, all opinions are my own. 


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