An Inspiring Story of a Woman That Battled Cancer With the Help of Exercise

You may be seeing a number of philanthropic efforts circling around this month for Breast Cancer Awareness! Kaia Fit has conducted a national challenge in the past that encourages women to workout and give back at the same time.

The challenge was called Burpees for Boobs that raised money for women in local communities to help with their co-pays, daycare for their children, groceries, cosmetics, and much more. Women from all 58 Kaia FIT locations participated each year!   

Maria Crosson was personally affected by the Kaia Fit initiative, she was diagnoised wit


Learn more about Crosson's story and how maintaining a fit lifestyle helped her battle cancer. 

Maria has been a Kaia FIT member in Walnut Creek, CA, for a few years now. A few months after she joined Kaia FIT, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She thought she may have to quit due to her weakened state, but she found Kaia FIT was actually one of the most helpful elements to her health – physically and emotionally – while undergoing treatment. 

Kaia taught Maria how to take each workout at her own pace and recognizing her medical limitations. When Maria would come to class the other members would help encourage her by cheering her on while she would finish reps. Kaia is a community of women that know that they do not have to like each other, but they do have to love and respect each other. Maria felt so much respect and support that she attended Kaia FIT sessions for all nine months of her treatment leading all the way up to her mastectomy.  She even attended a Kaia FIT workout the day before her mastectomy. She is now cancer-free. 

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