Intensify Your Treadmill Workout

If you get distracted easily or find it difficult to keep your workouts interesting especially on the treadmill take a look at few of my suggestions below for some inspiration. 



Add ReXist360 Bands: Whether I am on the treadmill at the gym or my treadclimber at home adding these bands make this workout a bit more challenging. The bands help to increase strength, endurance and speed. They are available in different sizes so fit enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes can experience the benefits of using ReXist360 Bands. In the image above I wanted to make my workout a bit harder so I added wrist weights for a full body toning workout. 

Include weights: Sometimes when I am looking for a quick sweat and toning session I will do circuit training that includes weights and the treadmill.  Below is an example of 10 minute workout I will do at home. 

·       5 minutes on the treadmill (Challenging hill climb or a quick run)

·       1 minute kettlbell swings 

·       1 minute high knees

·       1 minute tricep dumbbell kickbacks (30 seconds for each arm with a challenging weight). 

·       1 minute jumping jacks

·       1 minute march in place (cool down)

Push Yourself! We all know when we are coasting on the cardio machines. Remember to always push yourself a little harder especially if it's a quick workout.  Don't get sucked into the latest episode of your favorite show and forget why you are at the gym! Experiment with the treadmill increase the intensity and speed each week to make sure you are not getting too comfortable.  There is also a decline option which is great for working the front of the quadriceps.


Training minds, changing bodies!

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