Interview with Hannah Fastov Founder of Go Dash Dot

Hannah Fastov is the master mind behind the Dash Dot, Infinity Bag! I can't tell you how many compliments I have received on the bag from fashion stylists to fitness professionals! After testing the bag out the first week, I desperately needed to wash it (blame it on the sweaty workouts). I was thrilled how well the bag maintained its shape and structure after the first and second wash.

Finding the right bag that can double for everyday and gym use isn't easy. This is one of the many reasons Hannah created the Infinity Bag. Continue reading my interview with Fastov to learn more about her love for fitness and how her customers are responding to this lifestyle must-have. 

NMFIT: I love how diverse the bag is, it really is a commuters dream. What response have you gotten from consumers thus far?

Hannah Fastov (HF): The response has been truly amazing. When I first started designing the bag, I considered what I wanted in a carry all, but I also took a survey of over 100 women between the ages of 23-55 to find out what others believed was lacking from their everyday bag. The overarching theme was that there are never enough pockets! Taking the time to research my target demographic helped me hit the nail on the head with the Infinity bag and incorporate features I may not have thought of. I have received so many emails from customers expressing their love for the Infinity bag, how much it can fit, and all the different ways you can use it, in addition to an everyday gym/work bag. For example, one customer reached out to describe how she uses hers as a baby/diaper bag. Another woman explained that as a single working parent, the Infinity bag allows her to leave her house in the morning with all the items she and her daughter might need during the day and never have to think about stopping home for an outfit change or snack break. Some use it as a travel bag as it is perfect to store under the seat on a plane and there is plenty of room to stuff in that extra pair of shoes you wanted to pack!  I love receiving these notes from clients!


NMF: How would you describe your typical customer?

HF: My typical customer is similar to me, which is why I believe we are seeing such success. She is between the ages of 25-50, ambitious, active, and on the go. Our woman values her health and strives to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle; which may include an early morning workout so she can meet up with friends for dinner and a drink after work. I have also come to understand that our customer appreciates our dedication to giving back to women through our partnerships with women cooperatives across the world. The cooperatives we work with provide women with the opportunity to learn a skill, earn money, gain independence, and build confidence. We work with the South Tribe in Kyrgyzstan and Sherab in Bhutan to incorporate their traditional crafts as handbag accessories. We have also recently partnered with My Sisters’ Place (MSP), which is an organization that raises funds, awareness, and support female victims of domestic violence. With the purchase of a purple tassel made by the South Tribe, proceeds are split between the women’s cooperative and MSP. Many women buy a tassel or additional strap as an Infinity bag add-on to not only personalize their bag but to support the women and feel good that their purchase is making a difference in someone’s life.



NMF: There have been several studies that prove the weight of handbag can lead to shoulder and back pain,  did you take this into consideration when designing the bag?

HF: Yes, definitely! Living in the city and carrying a 15-pound bag with you all day destroys your body; though, as we all know, there are some days you just can’t get around having such a large bag. First, we selected a light weight fabric that is sturdy enough to retain the strength and durability it needs to hold a lap top, shoes, and all of our other stuff! Second, I specifically placed the pockets to help disperse the weight throughout the bag. Finally, I was sure to include a cross body strap so you can wear the whole bag cross body, which I have read is better than weighing down one shoulder. I also designed a backpack, back in stock in early July, which has been proven to be much better for the body. The backpack does all the same features as the Infinity bag and is an alternative silhouette becoming more popular, particularly among city dwellers.

NMF: How do you use your Infinity Bag?

HF: I use my Infinity bag as a mobile office! In the yoga mat/ shoe compartment, I always have a pair of flats or flip flops for when I am running around the city and an umbrella. (yes, you can fit an umbrella in there even with a pair of shoes!) In my front exterior pocket, I typically keep my keys and business cards. I always have my laptop and /or iPad in the padded pocket. In the middle zip pocket, I have my wallet, snacks, and headphones. In the snap in snap out pouch, I typically keep my makeup and toiletries. In the back wall zip pocket, I usually have go dash dot marketing materials, or if I’m going to the gym and showering there, my intimates! And then when I’m running around the city, I usually put my phone in the exterior side pocket because if you leave it slightly unzipped you can still use your headphones to listen to music and be hands-free.

NMF: What's new for Go Dash Dot? Will you be adding new products this fall?

HF: A lot new is happening here at Go Dash Dot! We have launched new colors of the Infinity bag this summer as well as officially launching the backpack and weekender, all with the same Infinity bag features. We are also working on new styles, again with the signature Go Dash Dot features, which we plan to launch this winter!

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