Jenna Barclay Founder of POP FIT Changed Her Life with Barre

Jenna Barclay

Jenna Barclay

Jenna Barclay is the founder and creator of Pop Fit Jersey City.  I discovered Jenna how must people discover things these days, via Instagram! After following and loving all her social posts I decided to reach out (the key to networking).  After hopping on a phone call we instantly hit it off! Of course, we bonded over barre and everything else about health and wellness. I decided to feature Jenna on my blog for a dose of fitness motivation!  Jenna trained her mind and body through her passion for barre and leading a healthier well-being.

Continue reading to learn more about Jenna's journey! 

Jenna Before her transformation!

Jenna Before her transformation!

NMFIT: How has barre changed your life?

Jenna Barclay (JB): I've always been active and enjoyed working out, but until I discovered barre I really struggled to incorporate strength training into my routine. I thought doing a lot of cardio would keep me "thin" and felt uncomfortable going to the gym to lift weights. When I discovered barre, it completely changed my body, and I saw the changes quickly. I lost weight, saw more muscle definition, and finally felt like I was experiencing results from my workouts. I realized how valuable and effective resistance training is for women, and it changed my entire outlook on exercise. Now I focus almost entirely on low-impact resistance training and supplement with occasional cardio, and I feel better than ever.

NMFIT: When did you get started teaching barre?

JB: I started teaching barre about two and a half years ago, after being a client for a year. It was my first full-time job in fitness, and I never looked back. I now teach group classes and train clients privately in their homes, and of course I take regular barre classes myself!

NMFIT: What other types of workouts do you enjoy doing? 

JB: I always feel amazing after yoga, especially heated yoga, and I also love SoulCycle -- it's just so fun. Being able to try so many new fitness classes and different styles of workouts is one of the best things about living in the New York City area. I'll try anything once!

NMFIT: What is your favorite barre move?

JB: It's so hard to pick a favorite, but I think I would have to say standing seat work. It works the entire body at once and helps activate all those tiny, stabilizing muscles we don't utilize in traditional strength exercises. My legs were the first part of my body where I noticed changes when I started taking barre classes, so I love doing lower body work in class!

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