Katie Chung Hua: YouTube Sensation and Professional Hockey Player


Katie Chung Hua  I grew up playing hockey in Idaho. There were hardly any other female goalies and I played on about 2-3 different teams year round so I got a lot of ice time. Both my brother and my dad played hockey. My dad coached both my brother and I as well. I lived and breathed hockey and spent hours every day at the rink.  I had an opportunity to play at a school my senior year called National Sports Academy where I competed at a very high level in Lake Placid, NY. The 1980 Olympic Rink was my home ice. Skated every day and traveled all over the east coast playing games. it is probably one of my favorite past times. I got started in the gym because of hockey, I would do dry land training and lifting after skating and in between practice days. 

Lifted some weights but mostly I did a lot of high-speed treadmill training (sprints on and off, today its similar to HIIT) and plyometrics; mostly agility, speed, and balance drills. One of my favorites was catching a ball as I balanced on my knees on top of a swiss ball. 



I love lifting weights and I’m not a fan of cardio. Most of my exercises are with free weights, lifting around 12-15 reps for lean muscle mass. On my cardio days, I choose HIIT style to keep the muscle growing and the fat burning. I have two different leg days so that I can really isolate the glute since that's a very tough place for me to gain muscle.

Here’s one of my glute workouts: 

  • Hip Extension
  • Walking Lunges
  • Kneeling Squat
  • Cable Kickbacks
  • Reverse Hyperextension 
  • Abductors 
  • Superman

My #1 tip for motivation is set short-term goals; weekly if you can. It gives you the feeling of accomplishment and keeps you pushing and motivated. Sometimes we set a goal that is achievable, but it takes awhile so we get discouraged along the way, setting short-term goals helps you celebrate along the way. 

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