Keep Cool Post Workout with Nudy Patooty

The perfect option for summer and even a Barre or Pilates workout! 

The perfect option for summer and even a Barre or Pilates workout! 

When I was originally introduced to Nudy Patooty I was instantly intrigued based on the name alone!  The founder and creator Michelle Shemilt met up with me at Sweet Green in New York to discuss her product and why so many women would benefit from it!  Nudy Patooty is a line of high-tech tailored undershirts for women that tackle the problem of sweat stains, pit on. Made of certified organic bamboo fabric, each Nudy Patooty undershirt boasts Dual Dry technology to wick away sweat under the arms, so stains never happen in the first place. The ultra-soft bamboo fabric — also eco-friendly and sustainable — also helps regulate body temperatures unlike other camisoles that don’t breathe at all. 

I appreciate that the garments are made of organic bamboo! It is so important to craft an overall healthy lifestyle whenever possible.  Below Michelle offers more insight on this! 

NMF: What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.  This is often overlooked by consumers.  Why was it essential for you that the pieces were made of certified organic bamboo? 
Michelle S.: When I found out that women were using Botox injections in their underarm to prevent the embarrassment of sweat stains I knew we needed a natural solution!  Not to mention the number of women who have told me that they want to switch to natural deodorants, because they are concerned about the aluminum in antiperspirants, but haven’t because natural deodorants don’t provide the same odour and sweat protection.  Many women also find tank tops, camisoles, and shapewear that are made out of synthetic fabrics uncomfortable because they don’t breathe which causes them to get hot and sweat even more.

While researching natural fabrics I discovered bamboo and it had all the properties I was looking for – absorbent, anti-odour, and regulates body temperature – not to mention a luxuriously soft feel.  It is important for me to use certified organic bamboo because there is a chemical process that must be used to turn bamboo grass into a fabric so it is essential that the fabric is certified and safe to be worn next to the skin.  Our fabric is OEKO-TEK Standard 100 certified.  In addition, bamboo grass is a sustainable resource: it can be grown organically as it is naturally disease and pest resistant meaning it doesn’t need to be sprayed by pesticides; it is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth; and it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than hardwood trees.

As a fit gal always on the go, I still find myself sweating post workout while waiting for the train or walking to my next meet-up.  I tested out one of Michelle's shirts after my Zumba class at Athleta and it truly kept me cool while running around after my workout. Michelle shares her styling tips for incorporating Nudy Patooty into your regular look!

NMF: How can your garments be worked into someone's everyday look?

Michelle S.:For a solution piece to be useful it must seamlessly fit into someone’s existing style, so when we are designing our line we are always thinking about comfort, fit and function.  Each Nudy Patooty is tailored to blend invisibly under fitted garments and lightweight fabrics, meaning you won’t add bulk or have lines showing through.  The fabric is lightweight, breathable and regulates your body temperature so wearing an extra layer won’t make you hot.  There is a gentle stretch in the fabric to smooth your figure, without being constrictive like shapewear.  

Nudy Patooty is an essential base layer, just like your undies and bra, and it works under pretty much any outfit you want to wear.  The benefits range from preventing embarrassing and damaging sweat and deodorant stains, to reducing dry cleaning costs, to saving time hand washing and ironing at home.  At the end of the day just toss your Nudy Patooty in the wash (they are all machine washable) and hang your clothes back up for another day.   Whether you are a working professional, a busy mom or going through hormonal changes (i.e. hot flashes!), we’ve got you covered!

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