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As I continue to advocate the importance of self-care, I also continue to share the importance of clean beauty. As may already know your skin is your largest organ so what you put on it is very important as it's being absorbed by the entire body. L'UNICO is a full line of beauty products based in Austraila and available for purchase worldwide. I interviewed Magdy the founder of L’unico Laboratory, they blend the most concentrated ingredients from natural sources, into the most powerful biological formulas known to science, that absorbs into the skin instantly to protect and rebuild. Continue reading below to learn more about the line how to keep your skin protected and looking flawless. 

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NMFIT: The products were originally created for your wife, what encouraged you to take the product publicly?

L'UNICO: In 2001, I made the first batch of the day, night and eye firming cream for my wife, that then created the confidence to offer the 3 products to our clients of men and women, who were highly impressed and amazed with the quality and results they received, compared to what they used prior. Most of our clients suggested I widen the circle to proper public marketing and that was beginning of our journey.

NMFIT: The vitamin C serum is my favorite, I know the benefits of vitamin c internally how does it benefit the skin externally?

L'UNICO: We formulate our vitamin C serum using a heat stabilizing form of vitamin C called Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate.

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate doesn’t undergo quick oxidation, or change into a brown color over a short period of time, as in the case of commercial L-Ascorbic acid, that quickly oxidises and changes color over a period of a few days in solution form.

30% is the highest possible concentration, that has been clinically proven to deliver the following benefits:

It protects against the daily harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays 

It constitutes a major player to the synthesis process of the different collagen types 1, 3 and 4, that are required to keep the skin hydrated and subtle. 

It is essential for the formation of elastin, that is required to keep the skin healthy and firm.

It acts as a highly effective antioxidant against the skin's pigmentation process.    

NMFIT: 2018 is here and many people are making resolutions, what are the best skin care resolutions people can take to improve their skin care regime?

L'UNICO: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, and Exfoliate, to get rid of the dead skin layers 

Swim in Vitamin C Serum, to maintain the collagen and elastin

Use plenty of day and night cream, that consists of extensive nutrition (via the European peptides and amino acids) required for healthy skin regeneration

Don't forget to hydrate using a hydration mask.

Australia is known for being a heavy hitter in the health and wellness industry, how would you say your lifestyle and environment influenced your product line? 

Being a compounding pharmacist for 4 decades, I’ve been involved in compounding all sorts of prescriptions of HRT therapy for women and men, tablets, capsules, IV, IM injections and creams, and a precise dose and human safety is a must. Dealing with the arid, dry and harsh weather, I wanted to create a handmade base that would effectively deliver the ingredients instantaneously, and formulate a product that would fulfill its individual claim, whether it be glowing, hydration, subtleness, firmness or most importantly, the anti-aging effects.

There was no choice but to import the amino acids and peptides from its own manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany, Spain and France, to attain the trusted credible quality.

Then I was looking for the perfect product container that is not only prestigious in the make and appearance. but also 100% protective of the products against the harmful effects of light; that could accelerate the deterioration & oxidation, which would cause a change in product color over time. Successfully, I found our containers in Rotterdam, Holland

The packaging speaks for itself. L’Unico means the one and only in Italian, and is a proudly Australian hand made line of products, that is not mass produced. Our philosophy is:  When only the best will do.                                   

NMFIT: I have to know, what are the 3-5 products you would recommend to a new consumer?

L'UNICO: AHA Micro Peel pads to break the bonds in between the dead cells accumulated over time. Either using Vitamin C 30% Serum or the Youth Essence day cream every morning. Applying the night cream every night. Enjoying the hydrating mask once a week. It is extensively rich and dead sea-based, and imported from Israel. It consists of a wide range of amino acids and skin firming ingredients.

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