PANATEA (matcha green-tea brand) collaborated with Knowlita (a hip NYC-based art and clothing brand located on Mulberry and Crosby) to create a limited run of “MATCHA”T-shirts which promotes a healthy lifestyle. The concept behind the collaboration is about the “MATCHA Movement” and making matcha the new kale. Some t-shirts include sayings like #RIPKALE tees to help bring awareness to matcha. Knowlita comes into play with the fashion angle,  designing a campaign that’s hip with their soft (almost cashmere feel) tees yet sends a message of health & wellness. 

I stopped by my parents house to share this delicious tea while rocking my own MATCHA t-shirt. 

Below is a helpful video that teaches you how to make the tea! 

Founders of PANATEA  David Madelbaum and Jessica Lloyd decided to ditch coffee and discovered matcha (a fine-ground green tea). As they began incorporating the tea into their day to day they immediately noticed their energy levels rise, glowing skin, and alertness. Matcha is full of amino acids and serves as a metabolism booster keeping energy levels up to 3-6 hours. 

Happy Holidays! 


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