I recently teamed up with the UK brand LEMA Sport to review a few of their latest pieces.  LEMA is an urban activewear brand that has an exclusively developed fabric LEMAWICK that ensures comfort, durability, and wicking effect to keep the body cool and dry.  LEMA Sports Couture is a modern and a sophisticated take on activewear.  I definitely felt chic in and out the gym. 

I can appreciate small details like the Lady bug logo featured on the pieces. This is an emblem for good luck, protection, and love, giving every competent to the fearless LEMA customer.  Founded by Hans & Lema they combined their world travels and years of experience in the fashion industry to come up with a unique line of activewear. 

If you are looking for a way to spice up your spring wardrobe these pieces will do the trick! 

For more information visit: lemalsc.com

Instagram handle: @lema_lsc & hashtag #LEMAFUSION

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