Less Hustle, More Health: Tips for the Health-Conscious Entrepreneur Series (Part Three)


Guest blog post by: Shannon L. Werner

Move (Based On) Your Energy. While exercise is one of the best ways to move energy, reduce stress, and increase feel-good endorphins … the type of movement you choose matters. When you are burnt out, brain fried, and ready to scream, you may be tempted to go full throttle in your favorite SoulCycle class to “burn off” the stress. However, you may be doing more harm to your nervous system than good. The nervous system can only take so much stress (yes, exercise IS a form of stress) before the body begins to manifest physical symptoms of imbalance or dis-ease. If you’re always opting for intense sweat-fests, it may be worth adventuring out and trying more calming, grounding practices. On the flip side, if you’re a Savasana/Yin Yoga junkie and find yourself feeling stuck or lethargic, try a more energizing, heating practice. Being open to try new things is not only important for business strategy, but also for your health and mental wellbeing.


When you’re planning your workouts for the week, use your intuition. Take a moment to ask yourself, “How do I feel? What do I really need right now?” Importantly, have the courage to listen to the answer. If you’re feeling depleted, ditch the high intensity workout in favor of rest, a walk in nature, a light-to-moderate strength and conditioning session, or get grounded with slow flow, Yin, or Restorative Yoga. On high energy days, you’ll have the spark to crush your run or favorite spin, barre, or Pilates class. Remember that in any given moment, you have the ability to choose. Even if you want to attend your favorite high intensity class on a low energy day, you can let your instructor know you’ll be modifying the majority of the moves. Take breaks. Drink more water. Rest when needed.

Jim Rohn once said “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” I couldn’t agree more. You owe it to yourself to listen to and care for your body so you can share your light with the world.

About the Author:

Shannon L. Werner, Ph.D. is a Systems Biologist, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Reiki Healer, and founder of Relevate, a San Diego-based Barre and Pilates studio. Shannon believes in food as medicine, that movement heals, and that we are all inherently worthy of living a powerful, on purpose life. Connect with Shannon on Instagram [@shannon.werner & @relevate.life], and at www.relevate.life.

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