Life Advice: Smile at Your Challenges by Danielle Pashko

Danielle Pashko is the author of Smile At Your Challenges and a friend of mine that I was lucky enough to connect with in the wellness world. If you didn’t get a chance to hear my interview with Danielle check it out here! Continue reading for some realistic and adaptable life advice from Pashko.


NMFIT: I love how honest your book Smile At Your Challenges is, what was the biggest reward from writing this book?

Danielle Pashko (DP): I found writing this book very cathartic and therapeutic since it deals with a lot of my personal story. In addition to that, I had feedback from people facing their own challenges that they felt comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their struggles. One of the biggest points I make is everyone is flawed and everything is spin. If you think someone else has the perfect life it's totally an illusion. Although, that's not a thought to bring on depression, rather to accept that life is a test and know that it's not the circumstance but how you handle it...

NMFIT: During our podcast interview, you shared a few lovely moments you have had with clients over the years and how you changed their lives. Have any of them changed your life?

DP: Absolutely... It's amazing that sometimes the people who come to you for help often have the same struggles or are dealing with issues you had yourself in the past. We are all better at dispensing advice at someone we are removed from then when it comes to helping ourselves. Times when it was so clear how to solve someone else's issue would later reveal how I could apply that own advice to my own life.

I've also been touched by many clients who have shown me such strength in their vulnerabilities. Doing this kind of work gives me purpose.

NMFIT: What are three tips you have to share for someone that is looking to live a more holistic lifestyle?

DP: 1.Have self love. When you love yourself you are going to want to take care of your body, eat good food, exercise for your health and create habits that will promote wellness.


2. Be open minded. I believe traditional medicine has its place but we also have to look at the body as a whole. We may need to strengthen other areas in our body to solve a particular health issue. This may requite that we change our diet, take herbs or supplements, or even consider that our emotional state is at play and not everything can be solved with medication.

3. Don't be rigid. People who take on a no pain no gain mentality of never eating sugar, gluten, a sip of alcohol or a bite of dessert are not necessarily helping themselves. Good health is dependent on happiness. Depression from restriction can be more damaging than a little wheat or white sugar...You can be healthy by doing the right thing most of the time an allowing room to cheat for a celebration or happy occasion.

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