Lori Bregman Shares 10 Mind & Body Tips for First Time Moms

As many of you already know at Nadia Murdock Fit we are all about training your mind and body! This can sometimes be hard for expecting moms, Lori Bregman knows about this first hand! As an increasing number of women (from Hollywood stars to next door neighbors) are seeking a more natural and holistic approach to pregnancy many are turning to doulas for advice and support. 

THE MINDFUL MOM-TO-BE is Bregman’s mission to help women prepare mentally and emotionally for their transition into motherhood. In addition to nutritional advice and healthy recipes, natural remedies for pregnancy symptoms, developmental milestones, and techniques for labor, THE MINDFUL MOM-TO-BE also provides meditations, exercises, month-by-month advice, comprehensive checklists, and customizable birth plans to help women be thoughtful and proactive during pregnancy.  Below Bregman shares 10 Mind & Body Tips for First Time Moms, you can enjoy a healthy pregnancy while remaining physically and mentally fit

CLEAN IT UP - There are toxins everywhere.  It’s hard to control what’s happening out in the world, but you can control what happens in your own home. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) conducted a cord blood study that found 232 chemicals in the 10 newborn infants from the study. The cord blood study found children are being exposed—beginning in the womb—to complex mixtures of dangerous substances that may have lifelong consequences. Babies and children are extra-sensitive to toxins because their organs and brains are still developing, which makes it harder for their bodies to detoxify. Additionally, the hormones in our foods, as well as the toxic preservatives and chemicals found in products we use can disrupt the body’s natural hormones. Buying organic, hormone, and GMO free whole foods, using non-toxic cleaning supplies, paraben-free and phthalate-free body products, filtering your water system, switching to glass or BPA-free bottles, and going shoeless in your house are steps you can take in your home to help protect you, your child and family.

LIVE BY THE 70/30 RULE – It’s what you do 70% of the time that makes a difference. Most go by the 80/20 rule but with all the fear with first time mamas of  doing the right thing during pregnancy , this takes off some of the pressure off and allows more room for consistency. Remember there is no such thing as perfect. 

FOCUS ON YOURSELF – I have been a doula for 14 years and have been working with pregnant woman for over 25 years . In all my experience I have never seen 2 women, pregnancies, births, babies , relationships or families that are the same. Just because a friend might have done it this way or your mother or yoga teacher thinks you should do it that way doesn’t mean it is the right way for you .Research all your options and stay true to what you feel is right for you and your family. 

GET ON THE MAT DAILY - I am a HUGE fan of doing yoga during pregnancy. It opens up your body, frees toxins increases blood flow to stagnant areas of your body ,combats stress and calms the nervous system . The calmer you are the calmer your baby with-in will be after all they are simmering in your energy.  

JUST  BREATHE -  Next time you are in a stressful situation pay attention to your breath, you will notice that you probably  aren’t breathing and if you are it’s most likely very shallow . you can shift your energy to calm and peace by just taking a few slow deep breaths. This is a great breath I use to distress and in labor for pain management  as well. Place your hand on your belly ,begin to breathe in thru your nose slowly for the count of 4 deep into your belly , as you exhale breathe for the count of 4 out of your mouth as you relax , release and soften your whole body . Breathe in the word peace and feeling of calm through your nose deep into your belly ,exhale out of your mouth any stress or tension. Breathe in trust and faith exhale out any doubt , breathe in love to your baby let go of any fear or worry thru your out breath.  

CREATE A BIRTH PLAN – In my book ,“The Mindful Mom To Be”  I have a basic birth plan that I created . This isn’t something that is set in stone, it's something you go over with your care provider before you go into labor and with your nurse when you get to the hospital . You are basically stating the way you want your birth , baby and yourself to handled and treated . It is also a great way to educated yourself on all your options . If you don’t state your needs , hospitals will just naturally follow protocol. 

UNPLUG AND CONNECT -  In today's world modern day women are running from place to place doing a million things at once. Your pregnancy will be over before you know it, take the time daily to bask in the miracle of this baby growing inside of you and thank your body for being able to create, carry, birth and feed your child . Talk , read or sing to your baby bump , your baby can hear at 5 months and will recognize your voice at 7 months your voice will be one of the best soothing tools to comfort your babe down the road as it will be something familure to them.  

STAY OUT OF THE FEAR ZONE – One of the things I always suggest my clients do is to stay off the internet. If you ARE NOT looking for a problem, you will be sure to find one there.  Read uplifting and inspiring positive books (like The Mindful Mom To Be) hee hee. Everyone and their mother is going to project their story onto you. Remember that this is just their story and doesn’t mean it will be yours. I told you above I have never seen the same birth twice . Next time someone starts talking about something negative they heard or an experience they had, politely stop them and let them know you are trying to stay in the positive. Surround yourself with positive supportive and inspirational people . 

EMPOWER YOURSELF – I LOVE me some positive affirmations ! Make a list of your fears and then change them into positive affirmations. Example: “I am so scared my labor is going to last for days and be super painful”  to “I am so strong and will birth my baby quickly with ease” . Take all your positive affirmations and write them out of separate pieces of paper. Next find photos that inspire you, example an open flower or a mother and new born baby. Cut them out. Get a large poster board and start to glue the images and affirmations on it. This is your birth vision board . Take a few minutes daily to meditate on this and bring it into the birth for  positive inspiration and motivation.    

TRUST YOUR GUT – All of us women have motherly instincts; just not all have learned how to tune into them. Learn to get out of your head and FEEL your way through life. Follow your hunches , those AHA moments , chills or goose bumps. Notice where and who you are drawn to a feel good around . You can’t think your way thru birth.  Your body knows intuitively what to do—trust and follow its lead. 

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