Make Your Next Road Trip A Healthy One!

Summer is filled with adventure, vacations and road trips!  Now being stuck in the car for a long period of time  can be a bit of challenge when trying to stick to a healthy and fit routine. I have few simple tips  that you can use during your next road trip. 

Whether you are driving to the beach or taking a trip cross country exercising in the car is important for circulation.  Below you will find a few easy workout moves you can start doing this summer!

Some of the moves below should only be done if you are not the driver or performed while in park!  

Seated Cat Cow Pose:

Rest stop workout: Perhaps you need to take a bathroom break or grab a bite to eat?  Fit in a quick workout too.  You will feel better after and will be able to endure the next few hours in the car. Try the moves below! 

  • Trunk push-ups:  While your car is in park get behind your car in push up position. Slowly lower your body towards the car getting your chest as close as possible to the car. Push your body back up to complete one set. Do this for 15-20 reps. 
  • Bumper Tricep Dips: Sitting on the edge of your car bumper slowly slide your body off the car keeping your feet planted flat on the ground or straight out in front of you to increase the difficulty.  With your elbows facing behind you lower your body into a tricep dip.  Repeat this for 8-12 reps for 5 sets. 

Healthy Snacks: Avoid unhealthy options on the road by being prepared ahead of time!  I suggest visiting your local farmers market and supermarket before hitting the road to stock up on fruits and vegetables. If you are a big fan of meal prepping then you will find this task super easy. Investing in bags like the Six Pack Bag geared towards meal management will keep you prepared in everyday life and on your next road trip!


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