Mental Health From a Mothers Perspective

Mental health has always been important to me in some way or another. I mean I have always gravitated to the mind hence my B.A. in psychology. I didn’t really start to gain and understand the appreciation of healthy mind and body until my thirties. My body weight fluctuated up and down during my twenties mainly because of lifestyle and unhappiness in the work place. Once this was identified and I got a full grip on the situation, I decided to launch my company and motto “Train Your Mind, Change Your Body”.

My little man cheesing for the camera!

My little man cheesing for the camera!

How Motherhood Improved My Mental Awareness

Before having Max my biggest hurdles were finding enough time for my business and balancing that time as wife and friend. Since having my son, the pressure I put on myself in some ways has intensified because I know my little boy is relying on me at all times. I recently read a quote “Your child does not need a perfect mom they need a happy mom”. Talk about a wake up call! Reminding myself that I am doing the best that I can and learning each day has taken a lot off a lot of the edge. In many ways the role of motherhood has encouraged me to be an even better version of myself but it has also taught me to relax in order to set a healthy example for my son.


Self-care Became a Must

Relaxing is not easy when there is SO MUCH to be done both personally and professionally. Forcing myself to take a step back is a continued challenge but has become a bit easier especially when I look forward to my little self-care treats. One of them being my beauty treatments at night once my son is in bed. As I have mentioned I have been trying to stick to clean products which I got in to when I was pregnant. I also really love a brand that has a philanthropic tie in! Through philosophy’s hope & grace initiative, every product sold graciously gives back to support community-based mental health efforts. Knowing that the products I am using could be helping someone that may be alone or in need of support really feels good.

Continued Search for My Mom Circle

As a new mom I wrote a piece on finding the best version of my mom-self. This is a continued trial and error like most things in life, you figure it out as you go a long. From mom groups to story times I never really found my mom tribe through these popular routes. I have actually started growing my connections through casual conversations and moms that I may meet professionally. I was so eager to have an instant support group that I would get disappointed when I didn’t seem to click with moms in these situations. Over time my circle is growing and I am keeping it small and trusted just the way I like it.


At the end of the day being able to realize that it is okay and very common to sometimes NOT feel okay. There is no shame admitting this whether or not if you are a mother. Life is tough and challenging find time for yourself so you and loved ones can reap the rewards!

You can learn more about hope & grace initiative here:

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