Michael Strahan Discusses Family and Fitness with Nadia Murdock Fit

From working out with his personal trainer to offering encouraging healthy lifestyle tips via his campaign with Meta, ( a new wellness line from Metamucil) Michael Strahan is working hard to help all Americans get healthier through small steps.  He just launched his campaign in Memphis, TN ( the unhealthiest city in America).  Strahan helped encourage the locals to create healthier lifestyles. Bottom line, he wants to encourage ALL Americans to get fit and healthy by taking small steps, one step at a time. I interviewed Michael briefly to discuss how he works wellness into his family dynamic.  See what the former football player shared with me below. 

NMFIT: What are a few small lifestyle changes you have encouraged your father to adopt that took some convincing? 

Michael Strahan: My dad definitely has a sweet tooth so I’ve helped steer him in the direction of healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables. He also really likes Meta Health bars.

NMFIT: Is there a workout you like to do with both your father and kids? 

Michael Strahan: My kids are all different ages. My two oldest, Tanita and Michael are young adults, and my twins Isabella and Sophia are 10-years-old. Tanita and Michael live very healthy lifestyles and workout regularly. My twins are very active and like to play outside. When they’re in New York, we like to go on walks around the city and through Central Park.

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