Stay Active in Style with Mimi & Jane

Finding the right workout pieces for my classes and everyday life is not always easy. Many things look good on the hanger but not good on or are completely over priced! That is why I was so thrilled to learn my friend Rose Wheeler was going to include activewear in her new online store Mimi and Jane!

I asked Rose what does she look for when selecting pieces for her store? Rose says: I select pieces that look good, but that are also easy to wear, so that the item can be taken from a fitness class to the streets. You can run a quick errand, have coffee after your class or even use it for working from home. 

Below are a few of my favorite items that you can find in the Mimi & Jane store. 


Lightweight Sweater Full-zip Hoodie.jpg


Lumen Camo Print Fashion Leggings.jpg
Flirty Girl Stella Seamless Racerback Sport Bra.jpg
But First Coffee Racerback Tank Top.jpg


For more information or to shop the latest styles click here!

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