Monday Motivation: Devorah Kuperhand

When Devorah was fed up with her unhealthy lifestyle of yo-yo fad dieting, she decided that she would live a healthier lifestyle, forever, for good. By training her mind and body Devorah lost weight, stayed mentally, physically and emotionally balanced during her journey. She continues to provide recipes, useful tips, humor, and motivation to people of all ages looking to become healthier via her social media platforms. Her journey is unique, and her posts are raw and real.  Continue reading to learn more about Devorah for a dose of Monday motivation! 

NMF: In what ways have you trained your mind and body to keep you on point?

DK: Training my mind has been easier than training my body. Out of every challenge in my life, losing weight has been one of the hardest. It’s a mental battle. You have to train your mind to say “no” to the things that aren’t on your meal plans and say “yes” to the body you’re working for without negative self-talk.  I train my body by going to the gym, researching new workouts, and adding obstacles to my routine in order to constantly build my endurance and stamina. My goal used to be to lose weight, now I want to be leaner, healthy in my mind, body and soul and become an all around good athlete.

NMF: What has been your biggest obstacle to overcome during your fitness journey?

DK: My biggest obstacle that I had to overcome was a battle within myself. I had to learn to not compare my journey to others. It still is hard today. You go to the gym and eat well and you see other’s losing weight and not you. It takes a mentally strong person to see that and say, “I’ll come back to the gym”. I live by two quotes that have helped me overcome this mental hardship. “Comparison is the theft of joy” and “Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes life with someone else’s highlight reel”. Whenever life gets tough and the battle gets harder, I remember “the race is long and in the end it’s only with yourself.”

NMF: You have a very strong following on Instagram, has this helped you to create a support system during your weight loss?

DK: I created my instagram  account (@MYWEIGHTLOSSGOALS) because I was sick of my yo-yo-fad-dieting. I had a routine. I was on my fad diet for a few days, dropped some water weight, binged, and began the cycle again. When I was at my low point (and I was finally ready to commit to health) I started the account in anonymity. Almost two and a half years later and I couldn’t even imagine where I would be without the support, love, understanding, and motivation from my FitFam (fitness family) on Instagram. It’s always growing and expanding, so you keep learning new things from new friends.

NMF: Name 3 of your favorite workouts? What is one workout you hope you to try in 2015?

DK: I love boxing, spinning and weight lifting. I’m hoping to get involved in crossfit this year. My best friend goes religiously and seeing the changes in her body and confidence have made my jaw drop!

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