Moves to Get You Ready for Spring Break

Perhaps you have gotten a bit too comfortable in your bulky sweater and you are dreading that bikini you have to slip on in a few weeks for spring break?  Don't worry I am here to help!  Below you will find a few of my favorite moves from the Nadia Murdock Fit Ultimate Bikini Body workout I share 20 moves for the entire body.

Curtsy Squat

(featured in the NMFIT Workout Guide)

How it works: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, keeping your hands on your hips or fingers laced in front of you. Cross the starting leg behind your body bending your knee 90 degrees, keep your toes pointing forward. Returning to starting position extend the working leg out to the side as high as you can without shifting your body to the opposite side. Remember to keep the core engaged this will complete one rep.

Reps: Perform this move for 15 reps on each side. 

Power Sumo Squat

(featured in the NMFIT Workout Guide)

How it works:  This will really get your blood pumping! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart in preparation to do a traditional squat. Start performing a squat as normal then engage your core to explosively jump in the air. When landing, return back into squat position (land as softly as possible).

Reps: Do 2 -3 sets of 10 reps.

Speed Skater

(featured in the NMFIT Workout Guide

How it works:  This move boosts energy and blasts fat at the same time. Lunge side to side using one hand to touch the opposite foot on each side. Lunging on each side will complete one rep.

Reps: Do this exercise for 1 min.


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