Nadia Murdock Fit Holiday Survival Package

So did you survive Thanksgiving without over doing it?  Are there still leftovers in your fridge creating major temptation?  With tomorrow being December 1st, the holiday madness will continue with treats and cocktails everywhere you look!  

Are you one of the average Americans that gains anywhere between 5 and 10 pounds during the holiday season? How do you plan to cope with his stressful time of year? Make this year different by enjoying the season and staying on track with my help!

The Nadia Murdock Fit Holiday Survival Package is now available for purchase in the NMFIT Shop now on sale for $9.99! Inside you will find a number of helpful tips to help keep you on track and feeling motivated during the busiest time of year. Below is what you can expect to get in your download.

Here is a sneak look inside the Holiday Survival Package!

For more information and to download your copy visit the Nadia Murdock Fit Shop by clicking here!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Training minds, changing bodies!

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