National Nude Day, How will you Celebrate?

This morning I discovered that today is National Nude Day, I was immediately encouraged to put together this post.  With a heightened awareness of body shaming and the scrutiny of the female body, I think it's important to love our bodies inside and outside of our clothing.  Some you may be on a fitness journey, want to get in better shape or have already achieved your goals and looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Regardless of where you are it's important to have an appreciation of your body because it's the only one you got and its beautiful! 

Did you happen to read Jennifer Aniston's article in the Huffington Post?  Being in the public eye and having such a strong voice for females, she took a stand against body shaming with a profound article encouraging women and young girls to not become a victim of societal standards of beauty. 

We are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child. We get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies.-Jennifer Aniston

When I was heavier I struggled for a long time feeling comfortable in my skin, wanting to be a size 2 (so unrealistic).  I was so focused on being skinny I over looked the importance of being healthy!  Honestly It wasn't until celebrities like Beyonce and J.Lo started gracing the covers of magazines did I realize it was OK to have curves.  Overtime I have also developed the wonderful talent of not caring what others think and that was the most freeing thing ever.  

So on National Nude Day, I encourage you to embrace your body for every imperfection, wrinkle or dimple it may have.  Look in the mirror and acknowledge the accomplishments you have made or intend to make.  Be kind to yourself and remember that progress takes time, don't pick your body apart because it doesn't fit a cookie cutter image but instead honor it! 

Here are three ways you can start loving your nude body today:) 

  1. Strip down and admire everything you love about yourself in the mirror.
  2. Write down any negative thoughts that may come to mind and replace them with positive ones. 
  3. Write down 3 things you love about your body and why! 

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Get fit for summer, get fit for life!  

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