Naturally Sassy Helps You Get Fit in 28 Days!


Naturally Sassy’s 28 Day program is all about tackling your fitness regime in baby steps or all at once. Finding ways to make fitness work for you in a non stressful way makes her program very attractive. Obviously I was attracted to the workout because of the ballet infusion. Toning my legs are my thing, I was so pleased with the variety of workouts she had to work on the entire body and it also inspired new moves for my classes.


Here are some of my favorite take aways from the 28 Day program!

Workout for all

No matter where you are in your fitness journey you can follow this program at your own pace. Each week is broken down with moves that target the entire body. You can do the entire video or whatever you can fit in, this option worked best for me! Each day changes keeping me challenged.

Creative Movements

The workout moves shared offers unique ways to challenge the entire body. For me as a barre instructor it inspired me to create similar moves for my classes. As fitness lover I really felt like I was always getting something new!

Nutrition Inspiration

I love a lot of the recipes that encouraged me to eat many of the foods I already eat but in a new and enticing way. For Example the Balance Bowl includes a grain, beans or lentils, a vegetable and a greens. Quinoa Bean Chili is also my favorite! The Food Philosophy section was a great bonus! The breakdown of proteins, plants , free sugars, fiber, nuts and carbohydrates was so informational. An excellent reference guide!

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