NMFIT 2016 Annual Holiday Round-Up

Finding the right gift each year is always a challenge, but finding the right gift for those that are focused on health and wellness can be even harder with the number of gift options to select from.  I personally love a gift that has a personal touch or really resonates with my lifestyle, it means the gift giver really gave it some thought! Below are a few of my top picks when it comes to the ideal gift for the fit and healthy individual. 

Larabar: It doesn't get more pure than this! The bars contain the simplest ingredients, so pure you can make them yourself! With the holiday season in full-swing now is the time to indulge in their seasonal flavors. Whether you are making a gift basket or creating a few creative bites for your next holiday party take advantage of these flavors without adding to your waistline.  

LuckyVitamin: Lucky Vitamin has been my go-to for stocking up on healthy treats for the entire home! Know someone that is looking to make a lifestyle change for the better? Perhaps your fellow fit friend doesn't have time to make it to their favorite health food store?  Lucky Vitamin is excellent gift option and allows them to pick out what they want! This month Lucky Vitamin has excellent promotions, click here to find out all about them! 

Mamma Chia: Looking for a small gift for your favorite gym instructor or gym buddy? The line is packed with Omega-3s, protein, and fiber, excellent for the health conscious individual to feel satisfied and sustained. What better way to help your fit family stay on track and energized during the holiday season?!

NuttZo: This San Diego-based 100% organic food company is passionate about creating nutrient-dense, delicious foods to fuel the body and life! NuttZo Power Fuel is a protein packed snack great for before, during, and after workouts. This would work well inside a health and wellness basket big or small. There is no sugar added and it is loaded with protein and essential Omega 3s. NuttZo nut butters are made from a blend of 7 healthy organic nuts and seeds and that’s it! 

Most Fit: Are looking for a way to add to your own personal gym or perhaps encourage loved ones to think outside the box when it comes to weight training? Most Fit is an excellent option, the Core Hammer is perfect for a quick workout, circuit training or group fitness classes! 

Fuel: Fuel is a customized (genetically and biologically) meal delivery company that is extremely affordable! The best part is you can customize each gift card to fit each person's dietary needs. 

Vionic: The sneakers are built with supportive technology and a stylish edge! The footwear brand offers styles for both men and women. From high tops to slip on sneakers, there are a number of styles to choose from that are functional and stylish! 

Yoga Lab Design: This is my newest obsession!  The eye-popping yoga mats and luxury yoga accessories from Yoga Lab Design are here just in time for the holiday shoppers who are looking for that fashionable yogi gift. Pictured below are my favorite picks, the brand carries insulated stainless steel water bottles, to yoga mats comprised of biodegradable natural tree rubber, to the water based inks used in the printed designs. Did I mention that a few of the mats are machine washable?  I will be carrying mine to hot yoga in 2017!



Amika: One thing I love about Amika is that they embrace and believe in individual beauty! Their products are ideal for the fit babe that is looking for a seamless way to get ready at the gym after a workout without too much fuss.  In addition to products, they have amazing hair tools that can fit snuggly in any gym bag or purse.  

BoKU: December is a festive time of year but also known for being one of the months where the flu season is at its peek.  If you have a friend or family member that prefers to treat their illness the holistic way then the BoKU Flu season kit is the perfect gift! It comes fully equipped with Super Candle IMMUNE, Super Immune Tonic Spray and Super Shrooms

Nadia Murdock Fit Holiday Survival Package

If you train your mind and body before the new year! What a perfect present to yourself. Whether it's a gift for yourself or for someone one you love the Nadia Murdock Fit Holiday Package will get you through the holidays!

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I absolutely love Nadia's ebook. The fitness advice is practical and easy to follow. It works for all levels. The recipes are perfect for the season. I just love how she talks to you in a down to earth matter. As if a friend was guiding you throughout the entire process. Definitely, recommend if you’re looking for advice in all areas!- Rose Wheeler

Crossover Symmetry: Crossover Symmetry's Individual System offers an innovative and easy way to add a shoulder and back workout into your fitness routine, with some serious results. It is fast, easy to travel with, and will help improve your posture. Crossover Symmetry has 5 programs that can be integrated into your workout routine that focus on common deficiencies and muscle imbalances. A great gift for men and women!

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