NMFIT Shares Fit Tips with Entertainment & Lifestyle Journalist Jessica Vacco

Jessica Vacco is an entertainment and lifestyle journalist for US Weekly and the the co-founder of Binge Magazine.  As a health and wellness contributing writer for Binge Magazine Jessica and I have bonded on all things fitness oriented! So when she asked to interview me and share my fit tips, how could I say no?! Read my interview with Jessica below. 

Jessica Vacco (JV): Your motto is "train your mind," do you think this works with time of day people work out, as well?
NMFIT: Yes, the full motto train your mind, change your body means if you want to become a morning workout person you can do anything you put your mind to! Just like anything else with the help of small lifestyle changes over time your new habit will become a way of life. 

JV: Do you think there are health/mind benefits to working out in the AM? If so, what are they? 

NMFIT: For sure! It does set your intention for the day.  If you start the day healthy it's likely you will make smart choices throughout the day and not dive for the free pastries once you get to work. The endorphins can put you in a great mood and ideally you will maintain that attitude the rest of the day. 

JV: What have you experienced, if anything, from working out in the morning that you don't feel at any other time of the day? 

NMFIT: I personally workout both in the morning and evening, when I workout in the morning I feel strong and motivated the rest of the day. It also encourages me to perhaps do another workout later in the day (different from the workout I did in the morning). 

JV: Would you encourage people, especially busy women, to work out in the AM? If so, why? 

NMFIT: I encourage people to workout when they can!  If you can't squeeze in a workout in the morning that does not mean you completely nix the workout. However most women find the mornings the best time to get a sweat session checked off the list either before everyone wakes up or once the family has left for school and work.  The mornings and workouts in general, are a great option for some "me" time so keeping that mind make sure that it works for your mind and body in order to get the full benefits. 

Training minds, and changing bodies!

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