NMFIT Tips: Keeping Mentally Sane During the Holidays

It might be the gloomy weather or the stress from family and friends why this time of year is leaving you feeling not like yourself. Below I offer a few tips to help you reboot and enjoy the holiday season!

Get outside and soak up the sun! Fresh air and sunshine can be very beneficial to the brain helping to improve your mental state of mind. Sun rays have been known to lower blood pressure, increase oxygen content to the blood and you are also be getting a nice dosage of vitamin D! Remember to protect yourself all year round by selecting a moisturizer with SPF. 

Take a time out: Remembering everything does not have to get done immediately will help you take things in stride. Prepare your favorite cup of tea, relax and write down everything that needs to get done in order of priority.  Once the tasks are laid out in front of you it makes everything less daunting. 

Don't neglect your workouts: It's easy to curl up on the coach and put off the gym but that is exactly what you don't want to do!  By sticking to your regular workout routine you are able to reduce stress, keep anxiety at bay, boost self-esteem and get some more shut eye at night. 

Plan ahead: Similar to your weekly meal preps you will want to do the same for your holiday parties.  Create the holiday cookie mix in advance and freeze it.  Whip up that quinoa salad ahead of time and store it away in Snapware Glasslock storage containers to keep it nice and fresh.  These small changes will help you stay sane and allow you to enjoy this time with family and friends. 

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