NMFIT Lifestyle Picks From The TechStyle NYC Pop-Up Shop

The TechStyle NYC Pop-Up Shop kicks off today and runs until Dec 18th! The experience offers the opportunity to shop the most stylish and innovative brands in fashion, accessories and personal care.  Because I am not able to attend I was able to get a sneak peek at my top three fitness and lifestyle picks from the pop-up shop below. 

Naia Vibes

The messaging behind this brand had me from start! Naia Vibes aims at inspiring strong and independent woman who are unafraid of exploring the world!  What else does the brand stand for?  A lifestyle brand wearable at home and abroad for those who come from different backgrounds, have different interests, values, and cultures but share one thing in common: a passion for life, movement, and nature. Can we say #goodvibes?

NAIA takes its name from theHawaiian word ‘dolphin’; the clothes are designed with the free-spirited woman in mind who is always seeking for a new adventure and flows through life like a dolphin, taking off on a whim with gentle determination. 

The pieces are incredibly comfortable and soft, I can see myself wearing the line to the gym or out with friends!  I love the laid back but stylish feel that I get from each item! 

Rilee & Lo

Rilee & Lo watch bands can really help to give your Apple Watch an upgrade! Smartwatches don't always have fashionable watchbands to compliment your everyday style.  Rilee & Lo's (formerly XISTWEAR) are exclusive watchbands that fuse tech and fashion brilliantly, for both men and women. If you are like me, your smart watch is not only part of everyday life but also your fitness regime.

Looking good at all times can be a HUGE motivator inside and out. The brand also offers Rilee & Lo bracelets, perfect for stacking with your Rilee & Lowatchband! I will definitely be pairing these pieces with some of my workout looks for an instant upgrade. 


With a baby on the way, time management will be key for me when it comes to figuring out my workout routine. I was drawn to the concept of SweetFlexx as soon as I learned what makes their leggings stand out in the fitness apparel world.  

SweetFlexx are innovative resistance leggings, that claim you can burn up to an extra 255 calories with their resistance technology! The Seamlessly integrated resistance bands in the leggings provide a force against each step/movement. While the amount of resistance is small, each step adds up to big strides. I must say I am excited to put these leggings work! 

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