NMFIT Shares Holiday Round Up with Live the Glamour

Dawn Del Russo is not only a dear friend but also a fellow expert that loves all things health and wellness!  Earlier this month we sat down together to discuss a few fun items that are ideal for gift giving this holiday season for the fit and healthy of course.    

Click below to watch the full video and check out the brands that we discussed. 

Wurf Board https://www.wurf.com/

Naked Nutrition https://nkdnutrition.com/

Garneau/Reebok https://garneau.com/us/en/

Handful Bra https://handful.com/

Yoga Design Lab:https://yogadesignlab.com/

Red Velvet NYC https://redvelvetnyc.com/

Sock Problems https://www.sockproblems.com/

Smell Well http://smellwell.se/

APL https://www.athleticpropulsionlabs.com/

Auster https://www.auster.com/

Pointe Studio  https://pointestudio.com/

Body Works Ball http://www.bodyworksball.com/


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