NMFIT Workout Tips

Below you will find a few things I always make sure to keep handy when I am hitting the gym.  

KT Tape: Between teaching classes and participating in a lot of group fitness classes on my own having KT tape (Kinesiology Tape) in my bag is key for days when my knees may need extra support. The tape is easy to apply and wear under workout clothes. It also works great for shin splints, tennis elbow and lower back pain too.

KT Tape can be placed anywhere on the body!

KT Tape can be placed anywhere on the body!

Protein Bars: When I am in a rush having a few protein bars handy are excellent if I don't have time to make a protein shake.  I tend to nosh on a bar either before or after class .  Protein provides the building blocks needed to help repair muscles after a workout.

Ankle Weights: These are great for taking my workout up a notch.  I like to strap on ankle weights (5 lbs per leg) when I am using the stepper or on the treadmill.  It's important for me not only to push my clients but myself on a regular basis as well. 


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