NMFIT Zumba Wellness Event Recap

This past weekend I teamed up with a few of my favorite wellness brands and hosted a Zumba Wellness event at Athleta in New York. As a regular instructor at The Studio, I wanted to share the importance of maintaining a healthy life inside and out! Bare Soaps was there to offer natural beauty alternatives for your daily beauty regime. In the gift bag sponsors included Trilipiderm Sun Screen,  STUR, Hint Water, Peter Lamas, Beyond Barre, Lucky Vitamin, Forto Strong,  RestoPresto and Modern Oats

I love teaching and seeing the smiles on my students face during the workout and after the workout too!  Here is what one of my regular students Uliana had to say: 
Many thanks for the incredible opportunity to recharge my battery. You are an impressive, truly dedicated person and what's even more impressive is your positive attitude, kind heart and limitless enthusiasm. Won't miss your class for the world and just keep me posted when and where. Thank you so so much again and have a fruitful week. 
My best,

Candi Obrentz a newbie to my class had this to say! 

You are a fantastic person, Nadia Murdock-Villar! So happy to have been a part of your Zumba family on Saturday AND it was great to meet Cecil! Thank you for inspiring and guiding!

WTRMLN WTR refreshed and rehydrated students post workout! It was a huge hit with both my class attendees and Athleta shoppers! 

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