Organic Beauty Must-Haves

I can't preach this enough, what you put on your skin is so important! We digest chemicals through our skin so reading labels are key when selecting products for your beauty regime. Lately, I have been introduced to a number of beauty brands that I have absolutely adored using! I feel better knowing that I am continuing to create a healthy lifestyle inside and out!   

Goddess Garden: I discovered this brand while attending the Healthy Brands Showcase earlier this month.  They have an array of products including their Sun-Repair Night Cream called Dream Repair and other products to keep your skin protected all summer long!  With free apps like Think Dirty, you can pop in your favorite products and see how they measure up when it comes to toxic ingredients.  Goddess Garden can be found in most CVS and Whole Food stores. 

FarmHouse Fresh: I first fell in love with this brand when I did my Pumpkin Beauty segment. The newest addition Citrine Beach Body Milk nourishes dry skin with a blend of light, hydrating    oils, with a  decadent coconut, lime, and creamy rum scent.  The Quinsyberry Botanical Body Oil is a delectable blend vitamin‐rich blackcurrant extract and light, botanical oils that fragrance skin with a soft apple blossom aroma. I like using both products after a workout just before bed, it leaves my skin feeling soft without a greasy feeling. 

Pure Inventions while visiting Klara Beauty Lab, I noticed that she offered Pure Inventions water enhancer that is all natural! They have several different enhancers that offer different benefits from Tranquility to Fit & Slender

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