Picking the Right Gym for You


When it comes to selecting a gym membership you should definitely take your time and be picky!  The facility you choose will become your second home, you want to make sure it has everything you are looking for.  Do the research, consider how much you are willing to spend, bring a list of questions and set up a tour. Consider the criteria below before signing up!  

First you should consider the location of the gym.  It should either be close to your home or your job. Selecting a fitness facility that is inconveniently located while give you the easy option of rarely attending!  

Size: Today their are endless options when it comes to selecting a gym.  If you are the type that prefers a boutique style atmosphere so that you can get better acquainted with your fellow peers then you should seek out smaller independently owned gyms.  On the other hand if you like more options and large amounts of cardio machines to choose from then bigger chain gyms is more up your alley.  Another option that women should consider are all female gyms, such as Curves and American Woman.  

Classes: If you are new to the workout scene classes are the best way to get familiar with all the different types of ways to get in shape.  If you are veteran you want to make sure that the gym you are looking into has the classes you enjoy taking.  

Staff: Friendliness can make a world of a difference!  Are you greeted at the front desk with a smile?  Are they helpful?  You also want to make sure the personal trainers are certified as well as the massage therapist (if the gym offers spa services).  These are the small things we tend to over look but are important. 

Consider your budget, how much are you willing to spend or can you afford?  During the month of January you might be able to get a really good deal at some of the more pricey gyms.  They often tend to waive the initiation fee and may even throw in a free personal training session!  Another great way to save but enjoy the luxuries of a high end gym is by checking Groupon and Living Social on regular basis, you might be able to score a 6 month to year membership at a discounted rate. 

Cleanliness and Amenities: If you feel you will be getting ready for work or school on a regular basis at the gym this should rank high on your list.  A number of gyms are bare bones and don't even offer towel service.  Be mindful of this, if you prefer having razors and deodorant at your disposal expect to pay more but it might be worth it! 


Training minds, changing bodies!

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