Playground Workout

I teamed up with to share a few playground inspired workouts!  With so many people cutting back on gym memberships during the summer I wanted to offer fun and innovative ways to workout!  I happen to see eye to eye with the fitness team over at  Fix and I couldn't wait to share some of their inspired moves.  I have even done a few of them on my own, check out my park bench workout by visiting NMFIT workouts

No only will this shake up your regular routine but it's a great way to get active with the kids. Katy Widrick from says:

 I’m a busy mom working several jobs, and sometimes just getting out of bed seems like a workout! But I never forget the effect that fitness has on my energy level: it makes me a better parent, wife, friend, employee, and personal trainer, so I try not to let even a day go by without a little bit of activity.

And truly, it’s amazing how easy it can be to fit it in when you stop thinking about the “work” part of a workout, and you start looking for ways to have fun and get fit at the same time.

Which one of the workouts would you try?  Make your next visit to the park a little bit more exciting and add a little playground workout! 

Training minds, and changing bodies!

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Get fit for summer get fit for life!  

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